How do you like chocolate games? Chocolate games have a history more than 30 years, but they still are not well known. This game has been created by an English mathematician, but most of the research for these game have been carried out by our group of students under the guidance of our teacher who is a mathematician.

There are still unexplored vast territories in the world of chocolate games. If you join our research of these games, we will be happy.

Impression we got after we finished our work.

Student A and Student B

I created HTML pages. At first I made a top page that contains six tiles. These six tiles stand for six blocks of chocolates, but they do not look like chocolates. Therefore I add a paper that wrap these tiles so that these tiles look like chocolates.

This paper will appear when you access the top page for the first time, and this will fade out afterward. When you access the top page in the second time, this paper will not appear.

Please enjoy our web pages.

Student C and Student D

We created graphics used in our web page by using the software "Illustrator". This is our first time to use Illustrator, and it was quite hard to use at the beginning. We practised a lot, and got used to the software. We made a slide show by using a lot of pictures. The difficulty of Illustrator is the use of vector graphics, but now we enjoy useing it.

When we made our web site, we try presented our ideas as clear as possible. A clear and concise message is possible, if we use good graphics. It is often the case that a good graphics can deliver messages better than written words.

We started making graphics as a beginner, but we worked hard together. We have had a valuable experience of creating things, and Illustrator is now our best tool for our work.

Student E

I have tried hard to prove the necessary and sufficient condition for chocolate games to have Grundy numbers that are equal to nim-sum. I have spent much time for that.

I appreciated the mathematical structures I was studying. I enjoyed the experience of discovering entirely new things and creating new mathematics, but I experienced hardship of proving New Research with rigid mathematics.

From my experience I began to think that to discover new things in mathematics is possible for many people. I am sure that many people can learn to create new things by changing the conditions of given problems.

To promete research by high school students it is important to present our research.

Mathematical games are very good topic for research by high school, and chocolate games are only a part of them. I and my friends are going to study mathematical games, and discover new things without sticking to mathematical theory that are already made.